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Stacy Holland

Stacy Holland

Founder/CEO at IRC USA - Exceptional People, International & IRC Global Technology Practice Leader

“Stacy Holland is authentic. Stacy’s interest in pairing the right talent with the right position is genuine. From the first communication with Stacy, it was evident that Stacy is a mindful and results-oriented talent finder. Stacy’s approach to locating talent is distinct and unique. Her questions demonstrated that she had invested the time and energy to understand the talent requirements of the business need. In addition, understanding that a company hires the whole person, Stacy expressed interest in discovering my hobbies. By building a personal rapport, Stacy created the sense that she and I were a team working together to accomplish our mutually aligned objective: pairing the right talent with the right opportunity/company. Stacy then, step by step, mapped the path to a successful talent/company pairing. Stacy’s overall approach to contacting me for a talent opportunity stood out from hundreds of other emails and inspired me to follow up with her. For example, what impressed me most about Stacy was that in order to have the initial face-to-face meeting, Stacy drove several hours out of her way. Stacy goes the extra distance, literally. I recommend that when Stacy presents a talent need opportunity, whether actively seeking a new opportunity or not, the opportunity is well worth your exploration. To work with Stacy is delightful.”

Jake Lackey | Manager | Zuora
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Redefining leadership for the Millenial workforce

Manish Mehta, IRC Malaysia & Thailand

The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey released last year analyses millennial behaviour in ways better than those previously explored. As a ‘generation disrupted’, the survey points out how they are breaking away from traditional ‘success markers’ like raising a family or buying a house to traveling the world and serving their communities. And like everything else, their attitude to jobs and organisations is also no different.

How to hire effectively in a foreign country

Steven B. McKinney, IRC South Korea

Multinational companies who want to succeed need to hire staff effectively in foreign countries. You can’t force someone to join your company. And even if you can, you can’t force someone to be fully engaged and enjoy the work.

Courage to break Japan’s glass ceiling

Notwithstanding substantial gains made in the West over the past several decades to level the playing field and bring about greater equality between men and women, pay gaps persist, and in many countries, corporate leadership remains heavily dominated by men.