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Brian Harman

Advisory Board

Brian Harman, MBA, PhD, is an exciting and passionate speaker, professor, and writer with over 15 years of experience in global leadership. He completed his MBA at Pepperdine and then traveled abroad to study global management at the University of Oxford.
Currently, Brian is a PhD scholar that’s laser-focused on leadership psychology and working around the world, most recently with multinational organizations in Peru, Mexico, China, India, Ireland, Singapore, and the UK. His research on humor & trust has been featured in academic peer-reviewed journals and he loves writing short articles for Forbes with applicable evidence-based takeaways that you can turn into action immediately.
He brings a fun approach to adult learning where he enjoys helping leaders develop new skills that will give them the ability to make more impact in their work and bring them more happiness in their lives. Brian has worked with industry-leading pioneers including KKR (private equity), BrightView Companies (largest landscaper in the world) and BioMarin Pharmaceutical (best-in-class genetic therapeutics). You can see a theme emerging; Brian likes to go big and make an impact!
In 2018, Brian was awarded as San Francisco’s Professional of the Year from the prestigious Institute of Supply Management (ISM). He loves to teach at UC Berkeley because it's a responsibility that allows him to help students develop more skills and it also keeps him sharp and witty in the professional world. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, he believes that process excellence and emotional intelligence are pillars to self-leadership and success.
Brian's consulting firm is called Business Management Hallmark (bmhallmark.com). In 2019, Brian was invited to the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council.