Your Pay Off

Have you made a $2M Hiring Mistake?

A CFO friend suggested that the price tag for a hiring mistake is realistically a $2M loss, maybe minimal, if you have a $2.5M annual quota and the sales person you hired isn’t delivering.

The math: Lost sales opportunity, base salary, loss of current customer confidence, peer moral, loss of management time interviewing, benefits, contingency hiring fee or inside recruiting costs, and a general distraction not being proud of being on-track, building business, building your “bench”.

We strategize, target and source. As your personal Ambassador, we tell your compelling story.

We take pride in our work. As your personal-trainer-recruiter, we work with your schedule & move the process, end-to-end, usually 6-8 weeks.

Give us a chance. We back our work and give a guarantee. Our fee is a smart investment.